Toddlers & Taxis: 4 Tips For Using A Car Seat In A Taxi

In 2010, Transport Canada reported more than 120,000 car accidents resulting in personal injury. You already know that car seats protect your children in the event of an accident, but how do you keep your kids safe while in a taxi cab?

1. Bring a Car Seat

The best car seats to use in taxis are the models that fit into a stroller once you get out of the vehicle. You won't have to carry around an extra piece of equipment while you explore your vacation destination.

You might also want a convertible car seat that can be used for either facing forward or facing backward. Look for a car seat that is:

  • Lightweight so you are able to carry it with you
  • Capable of being installed with the carry arm in the "up" position for faster installation
  • Built-in locking clips for fast removal

2. Request a Cab with a Car Seat

Another option is to request a taxi cab that comes equipped with a car seat. Many cab services offer this amenity so parents don't have to lug around their car seats on vacation, but you'll have to ask in advance.

When you schedule cab service, such as Richmond Cabs Ltd, ask whether or not their vehicles are equipped with top tether anchors as well. A top tether is a hook or latch above the shoulder harness that restricts back-and-forth movement and is required to properly position car seats.

3. Install the Car Seat from the Curb

When you bring your own car seat for use in a cab, always put your child into the vehicle on the curb side of the lane. This protects you from passing traffic and allows you to open the door all the way so you have as much room as possible.

Alternatively, ask the cab driver to pull into a nearby parking lot. Since it might take time to get your toddler situated in the car seat, invite the driver to start the meter early or offer a bigger tip to thank the driver for his or her patience.

4. Never Skip the Car Seat

Some parents put their toddlers in their laps during cab rides, but the force of a car accident will not allow you to keep hold of your child. Crash test studies reveal that babies and toddlers can be ejected using this method at speeds as low as 30 miles per hour.

It is true that Canadian laws exempt taxis and other forms of public transportation from car seat laws. However, it is better to follow the safety rules anyway and use a car seat to protect your toddler during taxi travel.