5 Tips To Make Your Planning For Your Next Convention Trip Go A Little Smoother

If you have to attend a variety of conventions this fall, you need to know how to pack and plan effectively in order to make all of your trips go smoothly. If this is your first fall convention hopping, here are a few tips that will make your time on the road a little smoother.

Stick To One Bag

The first thing you need to do is keep your baggage light, especially if you will be flying to conventions. You don't want to hassle with checking in a bag when you are trying to get to a convention; the last thing you need to deal with when you are professionally representing your company is a lost bag.

Keeping your luggage in a carry-on will prevent you from having to deal with lost luggage when you have work to do. Limiting your luggage will also make it easier for you to get through the airport.

Pack Versatile Clothing

In order to keep your luggage down to one carry on, you need to pack versatile clothing. You need to pack pieces that you can use multiple ways and that you can easily dress up and dress down with simple, interchangeable accessories. You'll want to look professional while you are at the conference, and you'll want to have clothing you can relax in after your work is done.

Keep Your Shoe Count Down

It can be tempting to pack shoes that will match every outfit that you have; however, if you want to keep your luggage down to one carry on bag, you'll need to keep you shoe count low. Pack two pairs of shoes that look professional but are also extremely comfortable.

Print Out Your Itinerary

You never know when your cell phone could die or you could lose service, which is why you should have a back up of your entire itinerary printed out. This should include the dates of your trip, your motel address and reservation number, your flight time and reservation number. You should keep a copy of your itinerary in your bag, on your person and with someone at home.

Create A Travel List

Especially if you will be traveling to more than one convention this fall, create a travel list of your versatile outfits and shoes that you put together above. That way, when it is time for you to hit the road, you can quickly reference this list and be on your way. Make sure that you include not only your clothing on this list, but the extra little things you need to bring with you, such as business cards, your glasses, chargers, etc.

Once you figure out an easy and versatile travel wardrobe, stick to what you know and use the same packing formula for all of your conventions to ease the time and stress it takes to get ready for your trips. For more tips, contact your lodging (such as Canadas Best Value Inn).