Using Social Media To Get Better Hotel Deals

If you are like most travelers, you love a good deal. You tend to give yourself an extra mental pat on the back when you feel that you have snared a great hotel rate during your travels. Hotels know if your rate is good enough, you may stay longer, or recommend the location to others. Getting a good deal on your hotel may not be as hard as you think. The key to getting the deal may be as close as your social media accounts. 

Login With Facebook

There are not too many hotels that do not have a Facebook page. By liking their page, you give them permission to share information with you. This will sometimes result in discounts, giveaways, contests, and drawings. If it is a chain that you stay at often, you may even be able to snare some extra loyalty points. 

Be Loyal

Even if you are not a business traveler who racks up thousands of loyalty points throughout the year, choosing one or two primary chains to stay with can pay off over time. Most loyalty programs are free to join, and will reward you over time. Even something as simple as free internet service during your stay can save you significant money during the time that you are there. Some hotels charge $10 or more per day to connect to their Wi-Fi. 

Help Advertise

You will not find any business that does not appreciate free advertising. Tweeting about your positive experiences or even mentioning them on Facebook may result in upgrades and other benefits. If nothing else, it will let the hotel know that you do not mind sharing your experience, which will usually mean that they will go out of their way to ensure that it is a good one. 

Reach Out To Management

If you need to reach a district manager, or even corporate office with a concern, social media has made it easy. Most hotels now have a Twitter handle, or you can send a message through Facebook. Always try to resolve any issues that you have on a local level first, but if that fails, feel free to reach out. Hotels understand that without customers, there would be no need for them to be open. Most will go above and beyond to try to resolve any issues, including issuing credits, or discounts on future stays.

Once you arrive, approach your hotel staff with a smile, and an attitude of gratitude. Remember, it is easier to communicate when you are not irate. Even if the situation is less than good, give them a chance to resolve your issues. If all else fails, there are a ton of smartphone apps which will tell you where in the city there are vacant rooms at great rates. 

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