Considering A Long-Term Stay In A Motel

Many people only think of going to a hotel or motel when they are on vacation, but there are times when living in temporary lodging might be worth considering. When money is tight, and you need a place to stay, an apartment might be out of your budget. You might then consider staying in a hotel or a motel. While hotels can be nice, a stay in a motel is often the most money-conscious choice.

Amenities or No?

When choosing between a hotel or a motel, you need to think long and hard what you can or can't live without. Hotels, for example, should come with options like a concierge service, suites, access to a pool, access to a restaurant, access to a laundry, etc. Hotels will often be located in places that give you access to commercial districts or other attraction. Motels, on the other hand, typically will have less amenities. In order to keep costs down, motels will often go without amenities. Also, motels are typically found on the outskirts of town or on highways, so they will not give a prime location.

Cost Savings

Both hotels and motels should include utilities in the cost of renting a room, so they both should be a cheaper option than renting an apartment. If, however, you try to stay in a high-end hotel, your costs can easily exceed the cost of renting an apartment. Motels, with their focus on keeping costs down, are the best choice for the money conscious. A motel room should come with basic features like access to wifi, cable, etc., so you can still use the internet to work on business or for entertainment, and you can have access to channels to stay up with current events or to watch your favorite show. 

Renting an apartment is nice, but it is not always the best option. If you have the money, you can sometimes get better amenities at a better location by staying in a hotel. If price point is more important to you than amenities, then motels provide you with an opportunity to save more money than you could by staying in a hotel. No matter whether you go with a hotel or a motel, you should not have to worry about signing, and therefore, getting trapped in a long-term lease. Thus, when you are looking at a long-term renting situation, you should at least consider living it up at a hotel or saving money at a motel. For more information, contact Ambassador Motor Inn.