Starting A Hot Shot Service

The oil and gas industry is booming through all of the Americas. One job that is always needed is that of a hot shot. Now, most people do not understand what a hot shot service actually is, or what the job description for a hot shot would be. This article will outline first what a hot shot is, and then it will advise on some of the most important aspects of starting a hot shot business. 

Hot Shot 

When a company is drilling an oil or gas well, it is important that they have all the equipment needed. However sometimes it is necessary to make some changes, or gain additional equipment. In order to get this equipment to the pad in a timely manner, it is necessary to hire a hot shot service. The hot shot service is simply a truck that transports the equipment to the drilling rig as fast as possible. For this reason, hot shot services usually consist of a one ton dually pickup, and a fifth wheel trailer. This will provide the horsepower and the speed to get the equipment to the drilling rig on time.

Equipment and CDL

It will be necessary to obtain a commercial driver's license, or CDL. This will allow you to drive as a profession and not get in trouble with the law. Now, it is important to remember that you will be pulling a fifth wheel trailer with up to 10,000 pounds of equipment. Your truck and trailer will be your most important pieces of equipment. Do not try and save money by getting a sub-par truck and trailer. If they are continuously breaking, you will be stuck spending a great deal of money trying to keep them on the road.

Vendors List

Many times the hardest part of starting a hot shot company is getting in with the oil companies. It is very important that you talk with the different oil companies and get on their vendors list. This will allow them to actually use you. Your business may have the best equipment and best drivers, but unless you are on the vendors list, they will not be able to utilize you. 

Oil companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve their business, and if you provide a very efficient service you will be used. Becoming a hot shot business owner takes some time and some equipment, but it can definitely be a profitable one. Follow the link if you would like more information on hot shot services.