Five Great Reasons To Take A Taxi

Calgary is home to many nationwide attractions and points of interest. Coupled with some world class bars and clubs and you've got yourself an impressive city. Both those who live here and those visiting should consider using a taxi to get around instead of a rental or their own vehicle. A taxi can greatly reduce your responsibilities for your day or night out and provide you with more freedom than you might expect.

Start A New Holiday Tradition By Renting A Party Bus

As the holiday season descends, one of the hardest things that many people encounter is where to hold the annual holiday party. Unless you start your planning very early in the year, you may find yourself either having to accept an inferior space, or having to have your party on a less desirable day. There is a way that you can change all of that. You can rent a party bus, and take your party on the road.

Starting A Hot Shot Service

The oil and gas industry is booming through all of the Americas. One job that is always needed is that of a hot shot. Now, most people do not understand what a hot shot service actually is, or what the job description for a hot shot would be. This article will outline first what a hot shot is, and then it will advise on some of the most important aspects of starting a hot shot business.

Toddlers & Taxis: 4 Tips For Using A Car Seat In A Taxi

In 2010, Transport Canada reported more than 120,000 car accidents resulting in personal injury. You already know that car seats protect your children in the event of an accident, but how do you keep your kids safe while in a taxi cab? 1. Bring a Car Seat The best car seats to use in taxis are the models that fit into a stroller once you get out of the vehicle. You won't have to carry around an extra piece of equipment while you explore your vacation destination.